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A family operation, led by brother and sister, Chef Peter Prime and Jeanine Prime, Cane is all about bridging cultures through food. Its concept pays tribute to the siblings’ native Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, where African, Indian, Spanish, French, and East Asian food and culture all weave deeply throughout the country’s unique history. The Cane experience—sharing a roti tiffin box, sipping diverse rums from the West Indies, and liming with friends and neighbors—embodies the multiculturalism at the core of Trinidadians’ identities.


At Cane, guests will experience Chef Peter Prime’s modern take on the island’s most popular street foods. These dishes pay special tribute to the cultural traditions and ingenuity of the country’s largest ethnic groups—Afro and Indo Trinidadians—whose ancestors came to the island as slaves and indentured laborers to drive the island’s once-lucrative sugarcane industry. The restaurant’s name nods to the industry that brought these groups together and the exceptional rums that will be featured at Cane.


Peter Prime is a Chef, restaurant owner, and a sincere believer in the ability of food to bring joy. Chef Peter was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, moved to the US for college where he earned a degree in hospitality management, and later graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York City.

Chef Peter’s restaurants draw on his diverse background to bring a unique experience to guests. His menus reflect the cuisine of his native Trinidad and are thus heavily influenced by the cultures and flavors of Africa, India, Europe, and East Asia. To these dishes, Chef Peter brings his rigorous training in classical French techniques; skillsets honed throughout some of the finest French, Italian, and Austrian kitchens in DC; and top-notch hospitality learnt by way of his time with the well-respected Hillstone Restaurant Group.

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